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The World of Poker    

It is quite amazing that we have reached the 21st century and people are not allowed the choice of free will. 

Black Friday was a shock to the system of all poker players, but let’s face facts, the rest of the world was still having difficulties finding a place to hone their online poker strategy, with Europe the notable exception. 

So, as we delve into 2013, what options do people have if they want to log on and play a game of poker online for real money?

The United States of America

It is crazy that one – if the not the – most powerful country in the world still does not allow its patriots to exert free will when it comes to online gambling.

Since Black Friday, there are still some networks operating in the U.S, that offer real money games to their citizens, but after the prolapse of Full Tilt poker, just getting money on and off sites is a gamble. 

There is some good news in the offering though. It seems that intrastate gambling will soon be available. If the States of Nevada, Delware, and, hopefully, New Jersey can show the rest of America that poker is no demon, then maybe an interstate solution is not that far behind.


Online poker rooms are two for a penny in Europe. When it comes to being a player on the WSOP  circuit, then Europe is one of the places to be. In the likes of the United Kingdom, poker winnings are still not taxed, yet in some Scandinavian countries, the taxes are incredibly high. 

The Rest of the World

Some of the online population have fled to places like Mexico and Costa Rica, but the Asian communities are still finding it extremely difficult to gamble on anything.

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Last Updated 22 May 2014
The World of Online Poker
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