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Main Pot The center pot. Any other bets are placed in a side pot(s) and are contested among the remaining players. This occurs when a player(s) goes all-in.
Make To make the deck is to shuffle the deck.
Maniac A very aggressive player who plays a lot of hands.
Middle Pair In flop games, when a player makes a pair with one of his/her down cards and the middle card on the flop.
Middle Position Somewhere between the early and late positions on a round of betting (the fifth, sixth and seventh seats to the left of the button).
Muck To discard or throw away your hand. It's also a pile of cards that are no longer in play.
Minimum Buy-In The least amount you can start a game with.
Monster A very big hand. In a tournament, a player who begins to accumulate chips after having a small stack is considered to be a monster.

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