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  All of the Poker Articles on Poker Millions are written by independant authors who play poker regularly and know the ins and outs of the game  
Tilting :  If you played online poker for long enough, you probably already played on a tilt. Tilting is something no player can avoid, it just happens, no matter how well you play and no matter how flawless your strategy is - Read the Full Article

Is online poker rigged?   One question keeps popping up all the time when it comes to online poker: are online poker rooms rigged? Some poker players (mostly those who lose a lot, of course) insist that they are :   - Read the Full Article

Online Video Poker Tips :  Online video poker is one of those online games where the house edge is minimal, so with proper play and a little luck, you have as good or better a chance of coming out ahead as you do playing just about any game in the online casino. Here are a few strategy tips to give you your best chance at online video poker :   - Read the Full Article

STT Strategy :  Surviving till the heads-up stages of a STT is one thing, winning one is a different matter altogether. The long term problem with STTs is, that they tend to break even. Even if you're a good poker player and you know correct STT strategy by heart, sometimes cards just don't go your way, and you end up with a few non-money finishes :   - Read the Full Article

Taking Control of Poker Hands :  By being in control of a poker hand, a player will minimize the number of mistakes he commits, while in the same time he’ll put himself in a perfect position to take advantage of other players’ mistakes. This is exactly what winning poker should be about. Asserting control is the road leading to success in poker. Read the Full Article

Last Updated 28 January 2019
Poker Articles


In poker, you cannot win every session of poker based purely on your skill. This is because luck plays such an important role in the game. Read more....

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