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  Poker Basics  
  Two different ways to win with your Poker hands!  
1. After the (reveal), when 2 or more players are still active once the betting rounds are complete, the players turn their (hands) cards face up. Whichever player has the highest (best) hand during the showdown will win the pot, this happens at the end of all betting rounds.
2. If all players choose to fold, meaning the player chooses to not to match an opponents bet by surrendering his/her claim to the pot. If your opponent has surrendered their claim to the pot, it becomes yours, therefore you win by either bluffing or having the best hand.
  Majority of poker games require an Ante or a blind bet. Ante’s are used when all players are obligated to place small portions of money in order to get their cards dealt to them. If a blind bet is used this requirement usually rotates around the table (one or more players are designated to make a portion of a bet before the cards are dealt), therefore all players contribute their share.  
  Once the cards have been dealt to all players, players have an opportunity to either:  
Bet (if the player has a good hand they can decide to place their chips into the pot first)
Call ( this will match the prior bet made by the previous player)
Raise (to call the previous bet and then raise it)
Check ( the player “reserves” their right to decide to call or raise if another player bets)
Fold ( the player releases their hand and does not require to lace any more money in the pot)
  If a player raises or calls a bet and no other player calls the pot belongs to that player, the round is then complete and cards are collected and reshuffled. If there are 2 or more players active, the player with the best hand wins the pot.

Depending if you are winning (your bankroll increase every round) or losing (bankroll decreases every round), once everybody decides to discontinue playing, or only one person has money in their bankroll, whatever money you have left is what you take home. Therefore your bankroll is what the money you play with in order to make your bets, and receive from the pot if you win.

Poker is fun, simple and fascinating and one of those casino games , similar to online video poker, played mostly for a lifelong source of pleasure and once the basics have been learnt - there is no reason why you can't enter into special poker tournaments too!

Last Updated 28 January 2019
Poker Basics